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Before and After
Got this program about three weeks ago ( Love it) and getting better at it in most photos, but, Still tend to Overdo, These are before and after's that I redid, ( First picture is the original one) I think I overdid a bit again, But, It doesn't look too bad, Looking for your opinion on if you think it's overdone and also if you think I should have left the "color" out? ...Thanks

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Like what you did with #4.
Doesn't look to overdone.
Keep up the good work and posting. We enjoy seeing users advancement with the program.

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I like the look of all of them. The colour looks good, as does the B&W.
You've got to have a play. Thats half the fun ;-)
Thankyou for your replies tebogan and garratt15a!
I think I lean toward the full B&W. And the retouch on it...I think it's very good. Not sure why you'd call it overdone. Overdone is what gets your advertisement pulled off the air--just ask that (very) cute Taylor Swift.

A side comment (from a nobody, so don't put much concern on it)...I'm not a big fan of selective coloring. Sometimes I see some and I think it looks good. Probably more often if it's where only the eyes are colored and the eyes are spectacular. And I see it done all the time on wedding photos. Maybe what I'm saying is it's a bit overdone, IMO. Now, does it sell? I suppose it does so I'd never tell anyone not to do it. And certainly, if a customer asked for it, I'd do it. (in fact, I did some custom Photoshopping on a poster request for a lady who wanted a B&W of Audrey Hepburn but wanted her lips red). I guess I'm saying this because it may be the reason I preferred #2 over #3 and #4.

Looking forward to your enthusiastic participation in the forum. Smile
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slynky, Thankyou for your comment, And I Ágree"with what you wrote, I like the full B+W best too and not so with the coloring, Not bad with the red hat, But, Still best without ...A lesson learned.
My personal opinion is that skin looks unnatural. It's just too smooth and oily looking. I like the original photo best.

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