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Before and After - deanna - 01-10-2012

Got this program about three weeks ago ( Love it) and getting better at it in most photos, but, Still tend to Overdo, These are before and after's that I redid, ( First picture is the original one) I think I overdid a bit again, But, It doesn't look too bad, Looking for your opinion on if you think it's overdone and also if you think I should have left the "color" out? ...Thanks

RE: Before and After - tebogan - 01-10-2012


Like what you did with #4.
Doesn't look to overdone.
Keep up the good work and posting. We enjoy seeing users advancement with the program.

RE: Before and After - garratt15a - 01-10-2012

I like the look of all of them. The colour looks good, as does the B&W.
You've got to have a play. Thats half the fun ;-)

RE: Before and After - deanna - 01-10-2012

Thankyou for your replies tebogan and garratt15a!

RE: Before and After - Slynky - 01-12-2012

I think I lean toward the full B&W. And the retouch on it...I think it's very good. Not sure why you'd call it overdone. Overdone is what gets your advertisement pulled off the air--just ask that (very) cute Taylor Swift.

A side comment (from a nobody, so don't put much concern on it)...I'm not a big fan of selective coloring. Sometimes I see some and I think it looks good. Probably more often if it's where only the eyes are colored and the eyes are spectacular. And I see it done all the time on wedding photos. Maybe what I'm saying is it's a bit overdone, IMO. Now, does it sell? I suppose it does so I'd never tell anyone not to do it. And certainly, if a customer asked for it, I'd do it. (in fact, I did some custom Photoshopping on a poster request for a lady who wanted a B&W of Audrey Hepburn but wanted her lips red). I guess I'm saying this because it may be the reason I preferred #2 over #3 and #4.

Looking forward to your enthusiastic participation in the forum. Smile

RE: Before and After - deanna - 01-20-2012

slynky, Thankyou for your comment, And I Ágree"with what you wrote, I like the full B+W best too and not so with the coloring, Not bad with the red hat, But, Still best without ...A lesson learned.

RE: Before and After - studio1250 - 03-04-2012

My personal opinion is that skin looks unnatural. It's just too smooth and oily looking. I like the original photo best.