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Error coming up
First post on here so if someone else has posted similar and I've missed it sorry.

I dont know if anyone else has experianced this but I keep getting an error coming up whilst using Portrait Professional. I make my changes to the image and click save. Error comes up saying 'Cant reload image out of memory'

Now I know this shouldnt be a problem on my PC, I've now also removed any programs I dont use and I've tried to open much larger images in photoshop and they open fine so I dont think its my PC just cant cope. However.

If I got to my documents and look at the thumbnail of the edited image, it looks fine, so I've tried to open it either in PP or photoshop, but neither can now open it. I get the error in Photoshop saying cant open it as out of RAM? But it allows me again to open a much larger image.
This is now happening around every other image I try to work on. Was working fine to start with but just seems to be getting worse.

one image that is causing problems is a 32MB tiff, so I tried to open an 92MB tiff in PS to see if there were running problems, it openend fine.

Any ideas help advice would be appreciated.


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