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You Feedback is Welcomed!!!!
If the photo was a casual shot I would say overdone...however since this is a posed formal shot...you want to have that magazine cover look...I think it is excellent.
I run two offices and my editing notebook travels with me but not my 3 external hard drives.

One week in one office everything is running fine and tonight presumably because my primary and back-up storage is connected Portrait Pro has got the willies cause it doesn't look like the same system to the licence validation routine.

I can't have software that uninstalls itself at will. I very often show different versions of a portrait to clients and have no qualms showing them a live editing session.

Except it's a pretty bad disaster to say let me show you and find Portrait Pro has slit it's wrists again.

Enter a trouble ticket at:

and someone will assist.

PortraitProfessional Forum

(02-26-2011, 08:45 PM)lrgphoto Wrote: Please provide your feedback. . . . I used PP9 and upgraded to PP10 today.  

PP12 Now

I think the software alone is doing a pretty good job alone.
However I did 2 versions, 1 version natural and a 2nd version with more skin smoothing. I like the unsmoothed because it reveals more the personality. There is not a single answer.



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