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Studio 64 Mac OS Confusion

Thanks for the suggestion about the cache. Normally when I shut down a browser I always do a full reset in which everything is cleared however just to make sure something was not missed I manually went through and found every related cache.plist file related to my browsers and deleted them. I also ran Onyx again and did a full cleaning of the system. Everything still appears as indicated in my previous note unless I change the User Agent selection under the Develop menu in Safari to Internet Explorer.

Do not know what else to try but those are the results of my trying to find an offending file someplace. Thanks again for all your assistance.


NAPP Member
Hi Frank

Thanks for your diligence! You are right, we are displaying the wrong page in Safari, so we're fixing it now.

Thanks for your help,

Thanks for telling us about this, and we have now fixed it. The page was customized for user-agent strings containing "mac".

Tony & Gary,

Working perfectly now! Thanks for digging around and finding out what was causing the issue with the link and getting it resolved.


NAPP Member

I have Portrait Professional Studio 64 running on my Mac system, 10.6.6, in full 64 Bit mode with no issues at all. I can confirm that it does indeed work as it should on a Mac running Snow Leopard 10.6.6 and the only thing I have noticed is that it does not take too long for the fan speed to start increasing with use of the software on large photos but that happens pretty much anytime you start doing intense work in Photoshop on large files. By the way, I am using the Plug In of this software and and not using the stand alone version - both are available in the download but I just installed the Plug In.

It looks like PP Studio 64 comes with install privileges for one machine. Would I need to purchase another license in order to have it available on both machines and if so what is the cost of an additional license? Thanks again Tony.

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