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Studio 64 Mac OS Confusion
On the web site, there is a yellow highlighted area indicating that PP Studio 64 is not for the Macintosh and then at the bottom of the page is says that you need to have a 64 bit Macintosh system in order to use it.

I would like very much to purchase Portrait Professional Studio 64 but would like to make darned sure that the software that I will be downloading is going to work properly on my 64 bit Mac system. Could someone please confirm for me if the 64 bit Portrait Professional Studio 64 program listed for 119.95 is going to work on my Mac 64 bit computer. Thanks

I'm not 100% sure because I don't use a Mac but on the Home Page (bottom left) it (Portrait Professional) received a "MacUser Editor's Award" at the recent SWPP 2011 awards.

Thanks for the reply. Yes indeed MacUser did speak highly of it and it does work quite well for those using 32 bit Mac operating systems. My small amount of confusion is directly with the Studio 64 version of the software and its compatibility with the 64 bit Intel Macs. As it is currently displayed on the web site, the top states one thing while at the bottom it gives differing information. I would really like to feel that the info at the bottom is correct as that would certainly meet my needs but I just want to make sure. Thanks again!

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There are other Mac users on this forum so I don't think you'll have to wait too long for a reply.
All editions of our software (Standard, Studio and Studio 64) now run on both Mac and PC.

Sounds like you found a mistake on one of our web pages. We are fixing the mistake on this page: http://studio.portraitprofessional.com/b...d:Studio64 is that where you found the contradiction?


Thank you for the information about Studio 64 being fully 64 bit compatible on the Mac. The web page you linked in your note appears different than what I was seeing before. At the top of the page there was a yellow highlighted box saying that the product was NOT for a Mac. Down near the bottom of the page it stated that for 32 bit versions you must choose the normal Studio version and then at the very bottom where it listed system requirements it said you needed a 64 bit Mac - That is where I became a little concerned as to it really working on the 64 bit Mac or not.

One other question if I may. I have two Mac computer set ups, one stays on the desk at all times and I have one for use while on the road processing photos. It looks like PP Studio 64 comes with install privileges for one machine. Would I need to purchase another license in order to have it available on both machines and if so what is the cost of an additional license? Thanks again Tony.

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I am at home now and checked the web site again and this is the page that still shows up with the yellow header saying that Studio 64 will not work with the 64 bit Macintosh. I have attached the screen shot of the page I am seeing and am passing this along FYI.

I know you have clarified this matter and have indicated that I can indeed use this software on my 64 bit Macintosh in 64 bit mode but this web page is still indicating differently until you read the text at the very bottom where it states that it should work on the Mac in a 64 bit environment.

I have also posted an earlier note asking about another license for two machines and related cost. At this point I presume that the second license will be the same price as the first one? Thanks again

The link I am sent to when I click on your web page is as follows: http://www.portraitprofessional.com/buy/studio64/

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We've fixed that page you linked to now.

Regarding licenses, if you contact our support people they can usually help with this.


I have contacted the support folks and Amy was kind enough to respond with the answers I was hoping to hear and I will be making my purchase of PP Studio 64 for the Macintosh.

With regard to the web site showing the confusing information. When I go to the link I referenced in my other post nothing has changed from the thumbnail I posted. I am using a Mac computer with the Safari and FireFox Mac browsers. Tonight I went into the Develop Menu on Safari and changed the User Agent to reflect Internet Explorer and the page immediately changed to what it should be and displayed the correct information. I then changed the User Agent to FireFox and the confusing info came back as it does in the actual FireFox browser. I then switched the Safari User Agent to Safari Windows and the site appeared correctly again. I also tried it with Opera and it did not display correctly.

Could there be something in the code for that page that does not play well with Safari/FireFox/Opera for the Macintosh? Just passing this along for your information as I may not be the only one that this is happening to - or perhaps it is just me?

Thanks again for the responses and I look forward to using your software product on my photos.


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It sounds like your computer a cached the old version of the page. Try clearing your caches and going back to it to see if that helps.


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