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my attempt
        [attachment=30]Ok this is my effort, hope you like it.
Hi , Just looking at the new competition, and the first photo I looked at was by 'My attempt' i'm afraid the photo's were too small to give an honest choice one way or another (could not see any detail)
Alfred Ashton
rockhopper Wrote:Ok this is my effort, hope you like it.
I liked it!
Hi Alfred,

If you click on the images, they will load at full resolution.

Hi Rockhopper,
Profuse appolegies, being not very bright I did not realise that you had to click the photos to enlarge the image to full resolution.
you look even more beutiful when the image is enlarged,(so i'm a smoothie)
Alfred Ashton
New on here, but I like these pics.
Outstanding job! Very subtle..............

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