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Version information for 10.1 update?

nice to see there is already an update for version 10.

I think it would be great if you could provide some information what is changing from version to version (e.g. in the "Announcements" part of the forum).
That would help to decide if an update makes sense for me - better than updating and then start searching for changes ...

So - can you let us know what the latest changes are?

In that regard: Are there plans for a localized (in my case German) version, like it was available for version 9?

Thanks and best regards - MacSass
Here is a link to the diferences between V10.0 and V10.1.

We always release the English version first and then follow with the other languages. We don't have a specific time for the other languages though.

Hi Tony,

thanks for the release notes - in the past I proposed to post those to the webpage shown when you do the automatic update check - maybe you can look into this again.

Anyway, good to have them at all - no rush on the other languages - english works for me ...

Regards - MacSass

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