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Extreme touch-up
Clients often say they don't like having their picture taken...because it reminds them of how old they look....I ...I ask them if they ever go in some restrooms and cringe at the effects of certain lights above the mirror...they all say yes....I take their original photos....use PP....then tell them this is what you look like most of the time to others when you have light coming at you from many directions....I swear they have an expression of confidence ....almost instantly....this program is like months of therapy for some customers. Lighting is the key to a great photo....thank goodness for this software...it sure compensates for those of us (me included) who don't always get it right.
we are all getting old.. I have used PP on kids photos, removing that odd bit of snot, that left over chocolate, and another scratch on the face... and brighten up eyes.. so its not just bad lighting and the old wrinkles that PP does a good job with, or for professionals it can help in other ways.. I am a dab hand with photoshop but on some pictures PP saves you time and effort even with limited knowledge if you can't get a good result then give up taking pictures.. :0) And having it as a plug-in on both photoshop and aperture3 I'm just a few clicks away from having fun.. less cringes if you ask me
"odd bit of snot" ??!! ROFLMAO !!
Glad u find it funny... :0)

I was being polite as well saying the odd bit of snot, more like bogeys from hell with snot candles and scruffy little beggars that have never seen a tooth brush or a comb.. lol and they say can you make him look cute? ...( pausing before thinking of a polite answer.. ) Oh and will the cute kid ever stop pulling stupid faces and looking the wrong way... is it just me? ... think i will take up still life photography..
Wow! It's extreme, it's plastic - but that being said, would the client be happy? Beause to me, the end result is all about client satisfaction. I bet she's thrilled!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!! She should show that photo to her surgeon and say, "Make me into THIS!!!!!" Big Grin
Great website I am very new to all the online photo tricks but it seems really cool. Hope I can learn a few tipr and tricks here.
Carl Wrote:It takes time to learn to perfect PP. After two weeks, I'm still learning. I have just recently noticed that with my earlier work with PP, my subjects ended up with a fat lower lip. That issue has since been corrected. Now, after using the Master Fade slider in Face Sculpt mode, I then reset the Mouth Reshape slider to "0." Problem solved!

Wrinkles over the left eye and the condition of the neck still give it away... very incongruous. Wink

I am thinking to buy the software but I have a feeling that I will use it very lightly.
Well worth the investment Alan.  It's very addictive and pretty soon you'll wonder how you ever did without it !
Roscoe Wrote:Well worth the investment Alan.  It's very addictive and pretty soon you'll wonder how you ever did without it !

That's what I'm afraid of... Smile Big Grin
all I can say is "WOW" great work

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