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Extreme touch-up
Hi all Smile Ok Im a newbie and wanted to share this image as wanted to try and show you dont have to be a model that needs a little touch up ! I used this lady to test PP before i purchased, and as they say i was so happy with results i got the full studio version.!!

Oh and most of the program is straight forward no "how to use" book needed however switching from full screen and back took me browsing FAQ to find answer..

And.. Any tips on eyes that are half covered with hair would help.

Nice job, Dave! You and PP made this lady look 30 years younger. I'm sure she would be flattered. In the old days I used to do film negative retouching; this image would have been nearly impossible.

A comment on your lighting--you have "crossed lights" in this portrait. That makes every wrinkle and crease look deeper. You can leave your main light where it is, but move your fill light right next to the camera. That will allow the fill to do its job of filling shadows created by the main. That will make a more pleasing portrait, even of kids who have no wrinkles.
cheers johnabe

I know my lighting skills not the best thats my next thing to learn more on.. Oh and she was loved the PP edit.. but shows how near impossible can be reached..
Agreed!  PP makes us look good, as we make our portrait subjects look good.  Wunnerful program!

Take care.

The lighting is way too harsh, thus the extreme darkness of shadows in wrinkles and imperfections. Soften up the light by bouncing it off of a reflector or the wall.

Try getting her off-square to the camera and shoot some more untill you get a more natural expression around the face. Shoot until she relaxes and may even smile a bit.
Cheers , I have realised that the lighting was harsh on this shot however I was just demonstrating the quality of PP to be able to remove wrinkles etc,, And still trying to get more time to practice with my lighting... good job my photoshop/pp/aperture skills are good :0) now just need to get more time with my camera.. the sample used is more to show the ability off PP that i think is great.. than my crap lighting.
I have absolutely no issues or complaints with PP, which I have been using for a couple of weeks now. The only thing I have to be careful of is making an image in a photo look too good. If I took 70 years off of 90-year-old "Granny's" face, she would not look real.

BTW, Raveonoke, I know the reason why you posted "before" and "after" photos of your model, and that was to demonstrate the effectiveness of PP. There is no need to critique your studio lighting. Good lighting techniques come with practice. But that's another story for another time. Good work.
Generally a nice job. The lips could use some softening however to go with the new look.
It takes time to learn to perfect PP. After two weeks, I'm still learning. I have just recently noticed that with my earlier work with PP, my subjects ended up with a fat lower lip. That issue has since been corrected. Now, after using the Master Fade slider in Face Sculpt mode, I then reset the Mouth Reshape slider to "0." Problem solved!
I have noticed during PP that it had tended to alter peoples face structure during its first render, and noticed that it seems to do an auto botox job on the lips that I found funny.. but as posted you can re adjust with sliders. This was my first attempt I will be looking for lighting tips very soon.. :0)
cheers for all replies ,,,.

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