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Skin area selection enhancement
Thanks Tony,

for the feedback.

admin Wrote:Getting a flood fill that works correctly in all cases is very difficult, not to get confused with similar color clothes, shadows etc.  The next version of Portrait Professional (v10) will have improved brushes so it will be interesting to get your feedback on them.

You are right - flood fill that sticks to it´s bounderies is hard to do. So either it should have a "sensitivity" slider or it should be more on the conservative side. I´d prefer to have to click 2-5 times on different areas of e.g. a leg, instead of having to brush away on clothing areas afterwards.

I tried a bit on the "intelligence" of the brushes in version 9, and to be honest I did not relly notice much auf it- at least when marking I could not see that the brush would not mark into the black or white clothing when I brushed in the border areas of the skin.
Whatever the brush size was it seemed to mark that area ...

So I´m really looking forward to the enhancements in version 10 - any rough hint when to expect that new version (I know programmers hate that question :-) ).

Thanks and regards - MacSass

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