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pulling the plug
Might i sugggest that you give some notice before shutting down the forum. This is the very reason people have been asking for a stand alone program, as it can disappear at a moments notice without ever being seen again. leaving the user dead in the water without any paper trail, proof of purchase, company address or licence key. this can be very unnerving. ps just given up smoking does it show???
We took down the forum to re-organise the bugs section into an FAQ divided into sections to make it easier for users to find questions relating to their problems. We're sorry if it caused any distress, we obviously didn't realise how important the forums were to you! In the future we'll announce if we are going to do anything with the forums on the announcements section.

You could still contact us using any of the options on our contact page if any problems were to arise. Our company address is also shown on the contact page.

Yes the "down for maintenance" was a bit vague as the forum isn't really big at the moment but was down for several days. Glad to see it back though.

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