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PS Plugin/ several people option?
In the actual programme, you can edit more than one person at a time but in the plugin I can't see an option? It's really annoying because I ALWAYS use it as a plugin rather than a standalone. Also could there be an option where you can apply a filter(preset) onto the WHOLE image without having to mark the eye/nose/mouth area? I don't use the distortion options so would love to be able to skip that step and just apply the filter to the whole image. I would then do this onto a layer in PS and then erase the areas like the eyes etc back.

Pretty please would you consider these options?
Other that that, loving it!

In the Photoshop plugin you can also edit more than one person in an image. If you go to the bar with all the sliders, you will find a button called 'next' located above the zoom slider. If you click 'next' you will see the option 'enhance another face in this photo' come up, click this after you have finished on the first person in the image and you will be taken to the marking stage with the second person. I am afraid you cannot apply presets to an image without marking the five points on the face. However, if you do not use the sculpting tools I would suggest opening the full version of the software (the standalone Portrait Professional) then going to 'file' then 'general' then clicking 'show 'skip to final step button'. Then when you reopen Photoshop and launch the Portrait Professional plugin after you quickly make the five clicks on the face you will see a double arrow (the fast forward symbol) in the top right corner of the screen. You will not need to adjust the mask on the face and this allows for much faster processing.

Warm regards,
Anthropics Technology

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