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Double Chins
First, I love all the capabilities in Portrait Professional 22! So overall it saves me a lot of time editing and improves my final product for family portraits / headshots. With that said, one of the big issues to be tackled is the dreaded double chin. This comes up fairly often in my work. I do what I can in Lightroom with some skin lightening but Photoshop is the last resort, slows me down :-(

Any idea when you'll add it to the feature set? 
Thank you for considering this one
It's great to hear that you're enjoying the capabilities of Portrait Professional 22 and that it's saving you time in your portrait editing process. I completely understand the challenge of dealing with double chins, which can be a common concern for many people.
If anybody have any idea for this so share it.
anyone else looking for this? Please dont be shy!

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