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Double Chins - portraitpaul - 10-21-2022

First, I love all the capabilities in Portrait Professional 22! So overall it saves me a lot of time editing and improves my final product for family portraits / headshots. With that said, one of the big issues to be tackled is the dreaded double chin. This comes up fairly often in my work. I do what I can in Lightroom with some skin lightening but Photoshop is the last resort, slows me down :-(

Any idea when you'll add it to the feature set? 
Thank you for considering this one

RE: Double Chins - kellyrobin - 02-25-2023

It's great to hear that you're enjoying the capabilities of Portrait Professional 22 and that it's saving you time in your portrait editing process. I completely understand the challenge of dealing with double chins, which can be a common concern for many people.
If anybody have any idea for this so share it.

RE: Double Chins - portraitpaul - 02-26-2023

anyone else looking for this? Please dont be shy!