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Competition announcement
Anthropics is running a monthly contest to find the best touched up portrait from all our users, as voted for by you! Your portrait could win a place on our coveted front page of our site, along with a link back to your own site. To enter our contest, you need to have before and after pictures of your subject, no nudity please! Then simply post a new thread in this forum and either add the images as attachments or if your picture is accessible on-line, use the “Insert Image” button to add your images. To make sure people can vote on your picture, make your thread into a Poll, with two options “I like this picture” and “I don’t like this picture”. Any questions about the competition, post them here, and I'll answer them. The person with the most votes liking their picture at the end of the month will win, so get all your friends to vote, and good luck!
Are there any criteria for the dimensions and file sizes of the images?
Good point. Because the winner will be shown on our front page, we need the image to be at least 2000 by 1000 pixels, so that we can rescale it to fit our web site without getting any artefacts. Any file size is ok, but bare in mind that to vote on your submission, viewers will have to download your photos, so nothing too huge please!

Thanks for that Tony.
Hi i have a before and after but dont know how to post photos on the site, i would normally paste it in through an image host but the file size your wanting min 2000 pixels gives me an overal file size of 9mb so i dont know how to im going to do with something that big, i need help please.
Hello anybody out there .................
Hi there,

I've increased the size of tif attachment that you can upload to the forums to 20 megabytes, so you should be able to upload tifs using the add attachment button in the forum. Here's an example picture for a test.

.tif   new_pp.tif (Size: 1.38 MB / Downloads: 64)

Thats great Tony, can you tell me where the add attachment button is ?

It's underneath where you type your message, in the section called 'Attachments'.

I have been trying to e-mail photos to you for the contest ,but all came back.
I will attach them here although I doubt, if you will get them in time.
Still cannot find how to attach them here-please clarify how to post and where.

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