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Renewing license
cimpp Wrote:Buy another license then get a refund? Is this the best that Portrait Professional can do with this problem? I have upgraded to the Studio 9 version and do I have to worry that when this happens again that I have to buy another license? I feel that I am working with a time bomb that I do not know when it is going to work or not. I do commercial work and not for a hobby. This is a very competitive field and you are only as good as your last shoot.

you made a ticket on Friday night your time, which was about 2am Saturday morning our time, so it did take a few hours to get a response. However we then gave you an extra activation on your license that we can see you have now used, so presumably you software is working again.

incidentally the software can only become unlicensed if the license is deleted. This can happen if you format your disk, reinstall windows, use a different computer etc. Sometimes registry cleaner programs can also delete the license.

as we said above, our support will respond within one working day, but in this case we responded much more quickly than that.


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