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Vista support?
When PP will be Vista compatible? It is running now, but Vista still complains during PP installation of new updates.
Hi there,

We have many people running Portrait Professional fine on Vista, so it sounds like your problem is more specific. Which version of Portrait Professional are you using, and what is the error message when updating Portrait Professional?


I am running Vista business edition.
The software is running just fine, but after I save a file with PP, open Windows Explorer, click on a saved file name and try to add a tag - I have this error message:
An unexpected error is preventing this operation
Error 0x889882F60

Then, I open the file with Photoshop Element 4, save it again and then I do not have an error message anymore.

I remember also that when I had Adobe Lightroom beta v 4.1 I also cannot open saved with PP files in it.

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