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Imports Come In A Bit Too Red
The same issue on version 18, it is more noticeable when using the modeling light. this is so frustrating
This thread seemed to die out, so did anyone find a solution? Joined the Forum today after searching for information on the same issue. I have the exact same version of PP on a 27" iMac and a 15" MacBook Pro with a 1TB SST. Both were update installations of Version 19, installed at the end of March 2020. The OS of the iMac is still High Sierra 10.13.6 and the OS of the MacBook is Catalina 10.15.3. So far I have not experienced any issues with PP results using my iMac, be it Stand Alone, or editing from L.R. to PP and back to L.R. or from L.R. to P.S to PP and back to P.S. and back to L.R. HOWEVER, when using the MacBook, if I send a file from LR to PS and then edit with PP, I have the same issue of over saturation when the file is returned to PS from PP, even though the file looks exactly as I want prior to returning it to PS. Lips are usually over saturated and eyeshadows too. Blush ofter becomes Clown looking on subjects' cheeks. BUT, here is the kicker. On the MacBook if I send the file from LR directly to PP (avoid PS) it renders back to LR exactly as it looked in PP, so no issue there. The only variable seems to be the OS, Catalina vs High Sierra. I am hesitant to upgrade the OS of the iMac to Catalina for fear if provoking the same issue. Any thoughts from Folks running these Operating Systems who might be having similar issues?
Just bumping up this message. Every image I've tried importing has a reddish/purple cast, which renders the program useless from the start. None of my other editing programs are having trouble opening these photos correctly.
Nice. I just bought and installed PortraitPro Studio V 19 yesterday, and I also have this lovely color shift problem.  It looks like this has been an issue for around 5 years and it has not been resolved? I set the color settings in both Photoshop CC and PortraitPro V19 to ProPhoto RGB with no luck. I also tried Adobe RGB (1998) on both with no luck. Frustrating is putting it mildly.  The software has lots of great features, but I am definitely not going to use it like this.
My photos are taken with a Canon 6DmkII, and are in Canon Raw CR2 format.  Is this limited to CR2, or are other formats seeing this issue?

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