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Full Version: Imports Come In A Bit Too Red
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I have noticed that the images I open in Portrait Pro come in looking a bit different than they should…more saturated and a bit too red. They look nice; but, not how the images appear in Capture One, Photoshop, or even in the Finder.

I bought and downloaded Portrait Pro Studio because the web site said the program would utilize the monitor's color profile. I was hoping this would take care of the issue.

It doesn't matter if I just open a JPEG or if I open a file from within Capture One.

I read someplace where this is an issue in some situations. Any ideas? I can send more information on my set up…just ask.

I am using an iMac, Capture One, and Portrait Pro Studio—all the latest versions.
I too am getting the red images when brought into PPv17. I tried disabling color management in PP preferences--no luck.
I am working on a color-calibrated monitor and adobe rgb color space in photoshop CS6.
I also tried activating adobe rgb in the PP preferences--no luck.
This is very frustrating as I did not have this problem in the previous PP version.

It appears to be a software issue which I hope can be fixed very soon.
Same here, except red problem is here when opening any file, when saved pand viewed in another application problem goes away. no way to edit in version 17 and see what is actually happening during editing, therefoer completely useless and support is a bad joke...YES, i mean you, Erika
well thanks for the information zobeleye

stops me and others I expect from upgrading, I was about to upgrade from v12 SMPro but no point until this saturating problem is fixed

I have noticed other threads with frustrated users with the same problem

do you know if there working on this problem ??

Tom G
Hi all, I've had the exact same problem on version 17 with a MacBook Pro. The exchange with the support has been going on for two months now. Appart from asking for more and more screen captures and useless copy paste answers the support team has been more than useless. I've tried reaching out to the mother ship but Anthropics doesn't answer the phone nor reply back.

I have tried every possible combination of color space on my source pictures as well as inside the preference color tab of portrait pro. Nothing works. Even worse, if you create a custom color background (in my case RBG 185,185,185) it will come back wrong in photoshop.

I'm sorry to say but considering the amount of money spent on license renewal we should be getting our money's worth. I urge each and every one that read this forum to put as much pressure on anthropics to resolve this issue.
everyone with the problem should ask for a refund


time the users of the latest version demanded a full refund.

I have version 12 and came onto the Forum to check first if the upgrade had problems
and am I glad I came here first,

there's no way the software is working right.
I have posted on various sites telling people to BEWARE, of portrait pro and the over saturated images it produces.

others should do the same

THEN WE MAY GET SOMETHING DONE ITS SO FRUSTRATING spending or hard earned monies and then being sold a pup??????????/

Tom G Scotland
This new problem is prevalent. Following.
I bought and downloaded Portrait Pro Studio because the web site said the program would utilize the monitor's color profile. I was hoping this would take care of the issue.
This problem of saturation or as I called color shift to red started way back with V16 and unfortunately they never fixed the issue as they claimed. Now with V19 (trial version) not only I get the color shift but also hair of the subject becomes blurry!! Anybody else experienced that?? I am still on V15 and not going to upgrade!!!
I'm not having the red shift issue but, rather, one of imported images looking way overexposed compared to how they appear when viewed beforehand in Photoshop. Sorry to piggyback on this post but I couldn't figure out how to start a new thread and could really use some advice on the overexposure situation.

The screenshot is an example of the difference I get upon opening an image in Portrait Pro with no manual adjustments made. [attachment=972]
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