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Shorten Nose bug in v15+
I have v15.4 on my home computer and we have a mix of v10 and v12 at work. There seems to be an issue with the Shorten Nose feature in 15 (I haven't tested it much with 12 yet to see if it existed there too).

On many pictures where the head is turned or the nose is at an angle, instead of shortening the nose (much), it seems to actually be changing the concavity of the upper part of the face (for dead-on pictures, it shortens the nose as usual)

It's not consistent though, so I did a google images search to find a picture that exhibits the problem (though many other pictures are worse, just seems to depend on the angle).


When I shorten the nose of this picture in v15.4 it seems to be more moving top of the face back into the skull, whereas in v10 it behaves as expected, shortening the nose by bringing the top of the face downwards toward the chin.

Thank you!

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Just an update to confirm this bug still exists in version 18.

I tested using maleright.jpg in the PortraitPro 18 Trial\data folder, which pushes the top of the face backwards into the skull. Compare this to male.jpg which properly pushes the top of the face down.

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