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Option to convert edited image area to black and white
I shoot a lot infrared photography, one of my camera's sensor has been fully converted to strictly 850nm IR and I use a 850nm IR light(I shoot in complete darkness). My raw images basically don't have any color, except for purple/magenta throughout the entire image. I use lightroom not only to do all my editing and black and white conversions, but also to select which images I want. Which then have to be exported from LR to a folder.

I only put a select few images through PP. Editing/converting images in LR, but not converting the ones I want to run through PP. Then editing those particular pics in PP, THEN once again running those particular images through LR, just to convert to B&W.. Not really a fun process.

It would really be nice if PP just had a simple option to convert the edited area of image to black and white before saving.

Even if I shot in raw with full color images(which I also do a lot), it still wouldn't be the ideal process of going through LR then PP and then LR again if I wanted B&W.


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