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Smart Filter Compatibility
Being able to use portrait pro as a smart filter in Photoshop would make me very happy.
Yes, PLEASE bring Smart Filter capability. The other big name filters for portrait retouching work as Smart Filters, allowing you to re-open the filter and make any tweaks using existing settings. It also saves a ton of space in PSD sicne you don't need to rasterize the layer.

However, PortraitPro is the best of the bunch and I would love to be able to use it non-destructively just like my other workflow tools.

PortraitPro does not make it easy to go back and make tweaks. It doesn't save "Last Applied" settings, only presets. It's a very powerful tool, but not great for a Photoshop workflow, especially for those who like to come back later to make adjustments (you can't).
Yes, I think this is indeed a good idea to have smart filter capability!
It's a must for Photoshop users. Would save a lot of time and swearing (when u have to redo things from scratch as u missed something).

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