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Smart Filter Compatibility - MattPopely - 03-06-2015

Being able to use portrait pro as a smart filter in Photoshop would make me very happy.

RE: Smart Filter Compatibility - IronSea - 09-08-2015

Yes, PLEASE bring Smart Filter capability. The other big name filters for portrait retouching work as Smart Filters, allowing you to re-open the filter and make any tweaks using existing settings. It also saves a ton of space in PSD sicne you don't need to rasterize the layer.

However, PortraitPro is the best of the bunch and I would love to be able to use it non-destructively just like my other workflow tools.

PortraitPro does not make it easy to go back and make tweaks. It doesn't save "Last Applied" settings, only presets. It's a very powerful tool, but not great for a Photoshop workflow, especially for those who like to come back later to make adjustments (you can't).

RE: Smart Filter Compatibility - williamting - 09-12-2015

Yes, I think this is indeed a good idea to have smart filter capability!

RE: Smart Filter Compatibility - codex22 - 02-25-2016

It's a must for Photoshop users. Would save a lot of time and swearing (when u have to redo things from scratch as u missed something).