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How to edit newborns quickly
Is there a way to use this product to do the following on newborn portraits:

1. skip facial point alterations AND
2. automatically detect skin area

I would love to it to not have me tweak the facial point areas (I do not need to sculpt face or enhance eyes, etc). It seems that because of the pose or because babies faces are often squishy and eyes closed, the auto recognition doesn't quite get it right.

I would love to not have to manually detect skin (i.e. enhance skin only feature requires that I believe)

Ideally, I would love to batch process the photos but can't because of all the tweaking that seems necessary in the program.

The photo attached is an example where it didn't recognize a face and I had to click the facial points.

I'm thinking this product just isn't set up for this type of editing and I'm going to have to use Portraiture.

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Anybody have feedback on this. 24 other people have looked at this thread in under 12 hours, so I'm sure others have the same question.
Never thought about using PP for baby skin editing only. How about you raise a suggestion in "Feature Request"

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