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Stronger touch up brush
Hi guys I "fix" up a lot of glamour shots, and I need a stronger touch up brush or at least a clone tool, at the moment the tool isn't strong enough to cover stretch marks or scars or birth marks.
May sound crazy, I use Photoshop to do a "rough repair" job first, perhaps, less than a minute, before calling PP. It works very well for me in this manner.
Hi Troilus,

I do agree that the touch up brush sometimes is not strong enough for retouching e.g. stretch marks.

Still in most cases I would consider it way strong enough - I usually have it set to around 10 - 15% only.

I agree with Williamting that for severe retouching Photoshop is way more powerful with the content aware repair brushes and don´t think this can be achieved in PP by making the retouch brush stronger.

Regards - MacSass

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