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Irises in bloom
Not being a prof photog, this software is a lifesaver. I've gotten some darn good portraits from just average snapshots. I've had lots of folks wanting me to make portraits for them (some even willing to pay...LOL).

One item I would love to have in this program (am dreaming, but it might be fun to consider)...is replacement irises for the eyes. Some times the photos I'm working from do not catch and record all of the small details of the iris...like the little variences in featherings of color. Most irises contain a variety of colors that come together to make the eyes really stand out. Wouldn't it be nice if there was the ability to choose replacement irises to fall within the iris outline feature in this program, yet still let you manipulate more color or saturation after the selection.

I have this feature in my Paint Shop Pro,(remove red eye section) the only problem is, it will only give you a complete circle of the iris,(you can outline the pupil by point to point, but not the iris).... and as we all know, most of the time, the iris is somewhat hooded by the eyelids, so I would love this feature in a program that knows where the eyelid starts and finishes, such as PP does.

Just a thought.
Interesting idea. We are going to be looking again at eyes for version 10.


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