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Help please...
        Can somebody help me with this photo? Her eyes are green, and I can't get them right. She also has a crooked smile that I can't seem to fix.
The two photos are identical. Did you upload the same photo or did I click on the same photo twice?

BTW, please resize the photo before uploading. My network here is so slow that it literally took minutes to download the images.
Like that? It's just a little test (less than 5 minutes). I can't give you the pp project (because of a forum limitation), if you want to see where I set the parameters for the green eyes, and the mouth. take a look on the "Eyes command", around "change color", and for the mouth, on the "Face sculpture" (the first one of the parameters list). Sorry for the names, they could not be exactly the same for you, but I use a french version...
The important thing, is that you need to set the lines on the face with a big accuracy, before using parameters, for better results. Specially for eyes and mouth...
PS: I confirm that your two images you uploaded in your post are the same.
The full resolution is here:

Yes! Like that. First, I apologize for the size… I am a bit computer illiterate. Her eyes are perfect! Every time I tried, I either got the reflection wrong, or the entire whites turned green… grrrrr… I just could not get it correct. And yes… It appears that I did upload the very same picture twice… again, my apologies and my thanks.
I also wanted to say… that this is my mom. She is 58 years old, and just completed her dream of becoming a nurse. We graduated the same year, and I am working on putting us together in a photo to give to her as a birthday gift… Thank you so much for your help.
I smoothed also the hands.

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