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buying PP studio 9

i intend to purchase the PP studio9 but i do not have a paypal or CC account. will i run into complication if my friend does the purchase for me and send me the download links and activation codes?
Anthropics are based in London so if you're in the UK too a postal order would suffice I would imagine. Failing that, if you're not in the UK you could ask for Anthropics banking details, BSB, Account #, Account name etc and do a bank to bank transfer.
If your friend did the purchase for you both he/she and you would have access to the token with which to activate the software for only one payment !
hi Roscoe,thanks for the reply. i'm from the other side of the world in Asia.
from my understanding of the installing procedure,the activation is for one pc only,right? meaning if my friend were to install it,i wont be able to do so. did i get that right?
The installation is for one pc only, but your friend can still buy you an activation if they don't use it first.

I'll ask my colleague about buying without a CC or Paypal account.

thanks,will get my friend to do the purchase for me.

Once your friend has bought PP for you, you can contact me at breno@anthropics.com and I will update your details.

Kind regards,

hi breno,

noted. will get it and will contact u if i have problem installing it.

thank you.

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