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Serious problems with Version11
I'm almost sorry I upgraded from 9 to 11. It crashes often in Win 7. The resulting portrait fixes look nothing like the original person. My wife hardly recognized my Mother-In-Law's 90th birthday photo. When I re-do the photo in version 9, everything is wonderful. I had the same trouble trying 10. My granddaughters didn't resemble their true looks when I was finished. Version 9 again fixed everything. What am I doing wrong?? Is this version change 9, 10, 11 supposed to be progress?
Hi laocmo,

If you're not getting the results you want and the subjects don't look as you would like, you may want to disable or lower the sliders under Face Sculpt or select a different preset for the subject. For your mother in law, you may want to select one of the saved sliders for her age range instead of the default saved slider.

Also, we would not recommend multiple installations of Portrait Professional on one machine as this may cause conflicts between the various installations and may be the reason you're experiencing crashes.

Anthropics Technology Ltd.
Thanks Arjun

"...... you may want to disable the sliders under Face Sculpt or select a different preset for the subject......"

That did the trick. My sliders were all messed up. Hope you set them all to 0 as the factory default condition. I have no idea how they got all changed or why. First time I really knew they were there. Now 90 year old Granny looks like a pretty Granny and at the proper age rather than a 60 year old plastic version.

Hi laocmo,

Glad to hear that you're getting the results you expect and want again. You might already be aware, but just in case, you can save your particular set of slider values as a named custom "Saved Slider" e.g "laocmo custom". You can then set "laocmo custom" to be the default for male/female subjects, so that as soon as you select the gender, Portrait Professional will automatically apply your unique slider values to the subject.

Apologies if you're already aware of this.

Anthropics Technology Ltd.

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