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Any clue as to when Version 11 might be coming out?
Quote:....or that competition may have raised the bar in the meanwhile ....

Hey Skids,
what competition are you referring to? To be honest I don´t see any competition that even comes close to PP. I looked at "FaceFilter" today, the only other SW I know dealing in that area but it can´t even work with RAW files and the results do not compare to PP in quality at all.

Is there anything that comes close to PP?

While I know that software release dates are never an exact science I do agree that it would be nice if PP admin would comment on this thread and at least give some hints on the future development - something like saying "We had to slip it for quality - we now target early next year" or something like that ...

Not saying anything at all and removing all references from the website does not build trust ...

I visited Photokina today and unlike the last 4 years there was no visible trace of PP at all. During the last shows I think a partner showed PP interactively, but this time around I could not find them anywhere ...

We will see ... after all V10 works OK for me - regards - MacSass

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RE: Any clue as to when Version 11 might be coming out? - MacSass - 09-18-2012, 06:17 PM

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