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Portrait Professional - Studio Edition
Big Grin 
Hi everyone.

I happened to come across Portrait Professional whilst I was visiting a web site. Saw the PP advertisement and decided to click on it.

I looked at all the before/after images on the PP web site and thought, "Surely, this cannot be possible. And if it is, then it's going to be expensive, or very difficut to use the programme."
Decided to check out the price: £29.95
WHAT?! ONLY £29.95 ?!
I personally thought this was a great price for what was being shown, on the web site.
Purchased it and had a go with it.

To be able to get the results, I did, the very first time I used it, shows how great the programme is. Simply shows how 'easy to use' the programme is.
Decided to upgrade to the Studio version (because I will be using RAW format) on the same day.
£49.95 for this software is an awesome price and I will be honest and say that it's the price that made me purchase the Studio version.

This is what I call value for money.

Thanks Portrait Professional Team. Cool

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