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Back features
I wish that when I choose back, the following could be available.

1. If I accidentily go back too far, or even go back by accident, there is no way to cancel out, returning to the image. That would be a nice feature.

2. I wish that on the Back list, between the Adjust Outline and Local Features, there was some choice that would allow me to step through the eyes, nose, and mouth like the Local Features works but would retain the last settings so I can refine without having to start over from scratch. Oftentimes, i don't get the eyes quite perfect and need to make very minor adjustments. As it is now, I have to try to adjust in the Adjust Outline which is difficult because the screen is showing the full face and not a closeup of each eye. What would be really nice I think is when the use returns to the adjust outline mode, to have the same zoom feature that is available in regular adjustment mode. This way, the user could zoom to whatever level is needed to accurately adjust a particular wireframe. The user could pan around the image and adjust the wireframes as needed.

3. I wish the program had various catchlight features for the eyes which would simulate professional looking effects like a lightbox shaped catchlight with some of the shapes often seen in professional photographs.

Thanks for considering these features.
All good ideas. I'll put 1 and 3 into our suggestions list. Number 2 you will be happy to hear is already in there, as you can step back using the left pointing button next to the "> Next (Spacebar)" button.

I second this request for adding eye catchlights. I'm a new user, absolutely love the program so far and the results I get so quickly, but not being able to add eye catchlights is the largest missing piece of functionality. Hope you seriously consider adding it soon.

Note, I don't have photoshop or lightroom -- and I actually love that it's NOT a photoshop plugin.
N.B. If we do develop it as a plugin (which is looking more likely now), wewill never remove the ability to run it standalone too. We want to make PP available to as many people as possible!
Can someone explain to this technically challenged user what "eye catchlights" are ?
Is it something like the glint/sparkle as in this example ?

[Image: SADCAT2.jpg]
Wikipedia has a good little article on catchlights. N.B. In the example above, I would say both eyes had a rectangular catchlight but on camera right it has caused a lens flare.


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