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Great ste to display your portfolio online

Pretty cool site.Big Grin
Does anyone know if the Portrait Professional download can be burnt to a CD/DVD and then used on a Laptop without having to download it again. Is it worth going for the Professional more expensive program or is the basic program good enough if I am using JPG Images.
Any advice would be appreciated. Contact Dave by email dj.co.uk@gmail.com
I've just checked the Help file for the EULA but there isn't one !  As far as I understand your licence permits you to install the software on two machines, i.e. a desktop and a laptop.  I'm not 100% certain tho' so I suggest you email support and ask them.  This is an excerpt from the online information concerning what "extras" you get if you purchase the Studio version of Portrait Professional.

For users that prefer to do their photo enhancement directly with RAW files and 16 bits per color TIFF files we offer Portrait Professional Studio.

Portrait Professional Studio works directly with 16 bits per color tiffs and RAW files straight from the camera.

This means you can maintain the highest possible quality image editing throughout the production process without having to resort to any other program.
What are the extra benefits of Portrait Professional Studio?

Portrait Professional Studio can do everything that the standard edition can do, plus:

    * Read camera RAW files (Q What raw formats can be decoded with the Max option?
A We support the following types of raw files: Canon (.crw .cr2), Fuji (.raf), Kodak (.tif .kdc .dcr), Minolta (.mrw), Nikon (.nef), Olympus (.orf), Pentax (.ptx .pef), Sony (.arw .srf .sr2), Sigma (.x3f), Epson (.erf), Mamiya (.mef .mos), Panasonic (.raw), Phase One (.tif), Imacon (.fff) )
    * Read and write TIFF files containing 16 bits per color channel
    * Option to perform all image processing with 16 bits per color channel
    * Option to set working color space
    * Automatically transforms from input image color space to working color space

I have the Pro version and use JPGs and the results turn out fine.  I'm not a professional photographer,, just a snap happy chappy, so the extra expense and what additional extras I'd get aren't worth it to me.
The EULA has to be agreed to before installing the free trial, or the
full versions. The EULA is slightly different in the trial from the paid-for

The paid-for EULA says that one license is for one computer.


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