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PP Studio v10 Filter Not Available on PS CS5.1 Smart Object?!
Having finally sorted out the PP Studio v10 Photoshop Installer issues (see my other posts here in the Forum), I have now discovered that a PP Studio v10 is disabled and not available to a Canon *.CR2 RAW file processed through Photoshop CS5.1's Camera Raw 6.6 (formerly Adobe Camera Raw). Although PS CS5.1's Filter Drop Down Menu shows Anthropics it is grayed out.

Only when processing the *.CR2 as a normal (i.e. non Smart Object) through PCR 6.6 is the Anthropics Portrait Professional filter accessible.

Is there some inherent technical limitation or conflict which precludes PP Studio v10 from working with a PS CS5.1 Smart Object?
Look like this is not possible through smart object. I encountered this issue even if it is a normal jpg file. I have to rasterise first.

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