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3 features
First off, after reading your ad in Studio Photography, I downloaded your software and gave it a try. I am very impressed with the ease of use and the quality of the retouching.

There are three features that would really help improve it for the professional photographer.

1. Unless PP uses the .xmp file created by Adobe Camera Raw, then raw support is of little value. Even professional photographers don't nail every exposure, especially at weddings or outdoor portrait sessions. We use programs like ACR to correct our images before converting files to jpg, tiff or psd.

2. I know that you don't offer auto batch action support, but it would be nice you had an auto load feature. So, instead of the user having to open a file, retouch the file, save the file and close the file and then open a new file... The user could put all the files into a folder, show the program where the folder is, the program opens the first file, user retouches, hit next and the program save, closes and automatically opens the next file for the user to retouch. Not exactly auto batching, but it would save a ton of time for a portrait and wedding photographer.

3. Being able to add in skin texture or even a little grain so the skin isn't too smooth makes great retouch look even better.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts!
Take Care,


Thomas Cheswick, Cr. Photog.
Cheswick Photography


Thanks for all your suggestions. Funnily enough all three are already under consideration for either the next minor version or the next major version upgrades.


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