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Scroll Wheel to Zoom
Enable the Scroll Wheel for Zooming under the following conditions:

1) While the cursor is positioned within the borders of the viewed portion of the image frame of the Zoom Navigator window.

2) While the cursor is positioned within the main image window(s).

The scroll wheel does currently work when on the actual zoom fader (slider) itself, however, the increments are fairly abrupt. A granularity control in the Setup Preferences would make sense to adjust this.
SmileYes....a Scroll Wheel to Zoom would be a big plus...
I concur, that would be a nice addition to the UI. If added to the To Do List for PP, consider also implementing in SPE, so the two products' UIs may evolve in similar fashion.
If you don't want to let go of your mouse, alternatively you can simply press the Alt (Option) key and scroll up and down with the scroll wheel on your mouse.

To make sure that you get even zoom ratios, such as 25%, 50%, 100%, 200%, etc you should keep the Shift pressed as well.

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