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Mouth / Teeth problems....
Most of the portraits I end up doing, the people are smiling with open mouths showing some teeth. I often get weird lines or areas of mismatched image areas where PP has 'corrected' mouth shapes. Often leaving significant areas that look retouched by a hack. When I zero all of the 'mouth slider', many times it does not completely remove the misaligned image problem, and I end up having to retouch the persons original smile back in with Photoshop.
Another thing I notice is the grainy appearance PP seems to give teeth. Again backing off the mouth slider to zero does not seem to rid the teeth of the grainy appearance.
Am I the only one having these difficulties?
I remember the teeth being, errrr..., kind of tricky. One slider was really touchy (can't remember)...making the color splotchy if it was too strong. The other slider provided better results.

Maybe you'll get more comments. Smile
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