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Suggestions for Lightroom plugin improvement
I use lightroom as the kicking off point for all my work, so I am particularly interested in the plugin, and as a 'tog who has just (yet again) edited lots of glamour pics through LP and PP, I've earnt the spurs!

A major point of post production is to make it as seamless as possible, this is where LR scores heavily in my view. As a glamour tog I hardly use Photoshop other than for liquify, using PP for my model enhancement and LR for overall balance etc. My perfect plugin would look like this:
1. In LR, highlight the images to be edited in PP, right click and get given a 'edit in PP as batch' option, click yes,
2. then asked whether they ALL want to use a copy with LR editing and results stacked, (as we do now)
3: ask for gender of images, & whether in profile.
4. ask which profile to apply.
5. Ask if skin to be checked
It then needs to throw each image up in turn to have eyes nose and mouth located, it then immediately goes away and does its thing and returns with the skin highlighted, as this is invariably wrong. As soon as the skin has been checked and accepted it saves the file and then brings up the next.
At present it takes 2m45s to do the editing, with these changes we should be able to shave a fair bit off that.

PS if you are going in to body reshaping I've a few tips on that as well .....

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