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my effort
this is the after shot can you comment on this thanks

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Not bad Tomo, but you've the advantage of an attractive model which instantly gets the thumbs up. If I was to be critical, I'd say the wall behind her doesn't suit, and the frame only uses soft light which makes it slightly flat. Try a softbox, reflector or even off camera flash just to add a bit of dimension. If you insist on using the wall, then use it to your advantage. Have your model lean on it, or sit against it....something like that. I'd have used a detail enhancement on the wall too - bring it out a little.

Sorry you haven't had more comments - you didn't over do it with PP so good on you.

Nice looking model, and not too over done on the PP...Could you put the 'before' up as well ?
Oh, and maybe put them in the Photo Critique Forum. More people will look at them there.
The PP looks a bit overcooked to me - face brightened up too much - Eye color punched up too much - skin on shoulders and body could be smoothed a bit so there isn't so much difference between the face and the rest of her body - and I agree with JD's comments about the wall.

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