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Is this forum still active?
Just wondered. I bought PP recetly & stumbled across this forum. I'm just learing about portrait photography & editing portraits & so thought it was brilliant when I saw a forum dedicated to this. The chance to learn from people also using this software etc...

Most of the threads seem rather old, though, and lots have no responses.

I just wondered if it's worth persisting or if no-one uses this anymore. If the later, doesn anyone know of another forum that has a more active portrait section?

This forum is still active, but mostly it's used as a question and answer place for our users. We're still building our user base so we hope it will grow over time. It's also a good place to check for announcements in the news section.

OK, thanks. It would be great if it could grow into a discussion forum for portrait photographers, but for now I understand it's for specific questions/issues. Thanks for the clarification
It's for anything our users want it to be! Don't feel constrained by the relatively slow pace of discussions at the moment. Why not kick off a discussion about portrait photography now? There are a fair few people who do read this forum, all with some interesting views on portrait photography, I'm sure. It's just a matter of getting the ball rolling.


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