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Reset Selection Full Body
I seem to be having trouble using the Reset Selection to Full body. Any tip on using this tool?
Rest selection Full Body is for pictures where most of the body's skin is visible. If you have a nude or swimsuit picture, and you choose that menu command, you can see the skin selection will try and cover the skin of the whole body. You can see the skin selection by choosing the extend or cut back brushes.

I can't select "full body" is there a different version that I need in order to do this?
Those menu commands are only available when you have a picture loaded and marked up and are in the final sliders window stage.

Oh, I see it now. Thanks!
I am having a problem opening my photos in Portrait Pro. This has only just started to happen. The program freezes and does not respond. I have uninstalled and re-installed Portrait Pro, but to no avail. Has anyone else come across this problem??

Please help!

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