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Adobe Lightroom plug-in for PP?
Any plan to implement PP as a Lightroom plug-in?

It's not vital but it's nice workflow-wise, to have everything - or as much as possible - available directly within Lightroom.
... or for ACDC please !
I also agree with this suggestion - I use Photoshop CS2 religiously and would welcome a plug-in for PP.. That would be outstanding!

We are considering a photoshop plugin for the next version.

That would be terrific Tony! It would enhance the program so much IMO.. my workflow would be in tune...
admin Wrote:We are considering a photoshop plugin for the next version.


Please don't forget to make the plugin compatible with Corel products.... Smile

I second this Corel compatibility request too!! I don't have photoshop but I do have Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 which support Photoshop plugins.

Before buying PP, I compared it with Portraiture from Imagenomic. But, because Portraiture was a Photoshop plugin not compatible with my Corel program, and also I generally liked the PP results more too and its interface -- so I made my decision to buy PP.

I would like a PP plugin for Photoshop.
I would think that development of a plugin for Photoshop would be very similar to Lightroom so any additional cost woudl be small.

Currently it seems very clunky to me to have to keep moving between the PP application and Photoshop.
I can do some of the stuff that PP does but this would take me longer in Photoshop so at present it makes sense to use PP and Photoshop but being able to work in one application would be a real plus.

I believe that if the product was available as a plugion that it would become even more popular.
As to costing I woudl be willing to pay a small upgrade fee of say £30 to get this.
Any progress in regards to a plug in for Lightroom? I see the plug in is available for photoshop. I would really like to see one for Lightroom.

This might help:

How do I get Portrait Professional to work as a plugin to lightroom 2

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