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Portrait Professional Version 5.0 Released
Version 5 is now released!

The main new feature in version 5 will support heads that are significantly more turned than the old version, allowing photographers to use ¾ view shots in portrait professional.

It introduces three new workflow features; the ability to save project files, so you can go back to pictures that you were working on without having to mark them up and set sliders again. It also allows you to save slider settings as presets which can be set as defaults. And it allows you to drag and drop files into the application.

Version 5 includes several new image processing enhancements such as eye sharpening, eye re-colouring and the ability to bring out details lost in the shadows. The default skin selection is now more accurate and so gives better results. It also adds features to make it a more complete solution, allowing cropping and printing for the first time.

The user interface has also been tweaked to give more space to the images the user is working on, and many other minor enhancements have been added.

If you use 'check for updates' in the help menu, you will be told about it. If you are eligible for a free update, it will let you know, otherwise you will be given the opportunity to try the trial version or buy the update. Installing the trial version of v5 will not interfere with your bought version of v4.


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