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Creating a "Cartoon" image
Is there a preset available to turn a portrait into a cartoon-like image, to be used as an icon in social media?

Something like http://www.cartoonme.com (site is currently under construction but the two images still show the effect I want to achieve).

If there's no cartoon-preset available already, would it be an idea for a next version?


Novel idea...
Free application to "cartoonify" your images.

Download it here


[Image: WOMAN-2.jpg]
[Image: WOMAN-2CARTOON.jpg]
Don't think that is what they had in mind...
Kat999 Wrote:Don't think that is what they had in mind...

That was just an example of what the software can do. Much more can be done with a little more time.
Thanks, but that is not what I had in mind. Maybe the word cartoon wasn't right. I don't want to distort the face or make it funny.
I would like to make an "avatar" our of a photo. I thought that maybe there would be a preset that moves some sliders to make all of the skin one or two colors, the hair just a few colors etc.
Something like intocartoon.com but then inside Portrait Professional.

Thanks, but I really wanted to be able to use a photo as basis, not "building" an avatar from scratch.
I will keep playing with the settings in Portrait Professional and see if I can "flatten" all parts so much that a photo will look like an avata, a look-alike cartoon.

Thanks everyone for your help.

Hi Loes,

We are just starting to produce another photo editing product. It's in very early stages, but you can download it from smartphotoeditor.com. Effects (such as cartoon effects) are produced by the community of people using the software, and are searchable and continually being updated. So if you press "Apply Effect to Whole Photo" (under Edit Photo), and type "Cartoon" or "Comic" where it says "Or Enter Effect Here", you'll see there are already a few cartoon effects.

Thanks. Looks promising. Not the desired effect though.

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