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Restoration clean up...
I recently used PP to help in the final stages of a photo restoration. These images are about 30 percent the size of the original scan I was sent...I had not control over the scan...so what I recieved was what I had to work with. After repairing, redrawing, and color tinting...I then took the image into PP to give it a little more umph. I wasn't sure if this was the right place to post a restoration job, but I couldn't find another section that seemed to fit. The end result printed beautifully...actualy looks better than on screen. Any suggestions for future images I do like this would be very welcome...I like to improve for each project. After I used PP...I added a little grain to the entire photo to blend everything out. Entire project took 12 hours. Lucky for my client...she was a dear friend...and I did it for free.

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Next time I post...I will wear my glasses...please excuse any abuse of the English language....
Your friend should be happy with the results and with your generosity.  Good job.


PS--All grammer errers forgivven!
Thanks John...I could probably kept tweaking and revising...but one has to call it quits at some point...this was the worst image I've worked on for replacing lost parts...the hardest was in the dark areas...couldn't pull out anything useful in those areas with several tries with adjustments in photoshop...luckily the floor and couch were already worn and 60's ugly...lol...so hand painting with a mouse...my tablet and pen are broken...didn't work out too bad...lol

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