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Second tip
Hi everyone,

To welcome you to our new forum, "User's hints and tips", I thought I'd start off with one of my own. One thing it's hard to get across in the software is how much care you need to have when placing the points on the face. Basically: not very much! I'd say an expert user would probably spend around 30 seconds or less on the whole process. This is because most points don't need very accurate placement. Try being very quick and inaccurate about placing points, and you'll see the result is pretty good. The only exceptions are the interior points in the mouth, if you are using teeth whitening, and the eye outline if you are using the eye controls. Apart from them, a 1cm error will not be particularly noticeable.

I've also noticed that the bigger the face is the better the effect. While it works on a smaller face image (3/4 length portrait) I don't believe it looks as good as it looks in a head shot or in a head and shoulders image.

I anticipate that the alone exceptions are the autogenous credibility in the mouth, if you are application teeth whitening, and the eye outline if you are application the eye controls.


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