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Getting better results from small images.
Most of you pros may already know this, but thought I would pass this along to those like me who are still figuring things out.

I get crazy when often someone sends me a scanned image of a school picture, and they scanned the wallet size at a small resolution. Of course, when I open up the image, anything displayed larger than wallet size is very blocky and pixelated. I just figured out that if I print out (on some really good studio semi-gloss paper) a copy of the little picture and then rescan it myself at a much higher resolution, I then have a larger image that is much better to work with. Yes, I have asked the folks to rescan the originals for me, but most don't know how to use, or are afraid to use any of the settings other than default...so I use this method for those folks images. Hope this helps some of you folks.

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Getting better results from small images. - macs mom - 03-10-2010, 02:54 PM

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