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Full Version: Getting better results from small images.
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Most of you pros may already know this, but thought I would pass this along to those like me who are still figuring things out.

I get crazy when often someone sends me a scanned image of a school picture, and they scanned the wallet size at a small resolution. Of course, when I open up the image, anything displayed larger than wallet size is very blocky and pixelated. I just figured out that if I print out (on some really good studio semi-gloss paper) a copy of the little picture and then rescan it myself at a much higher resolution, I then have a larger image that is much better to work with. Yes, I have asked the folks to rescan the originals for me, but most don't know how to use, or are afraid to use any of the settings other than default...so I use this method for those folks images. Hope this helps some of you folks.
Hi Macs Mom,

Have you tried using any of the software out there for increasing the size of images, such as Genuine Fractals? If so do you think they work well?