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Any clue as to when Version 11 might be coming out?
(09-10-2012, 02:39 AM)williamting Wrote: Ellemat, I found V10 quite sufficient for my use. So, I am just taking an easy attitude. But looking at the images on fb, it is getting me somewhat excited a little. Having said all these, I am of course looking forward to see what new things they have for us.
It seems like you have certain expectation in the new version. I would suggest that you give your suggestion on the new features request page.

I didn't find V10 much of an improvement over what I was already doing in V9 which I owned. I had participated in a sort of testing of an idea they were considering some time ago which would be a fantastic addition if they were able to accomplish what they were thinking of. Other than that, most of the suggestions I might have, have been addressed on the new features page. The V11 preview pictures on Facebook didn't appear any better to me than the V10 pictures posted so nothing was revealed..the key is in the tools that got the author there...are there additional controls..or an improved face recognition method? A pretty young woman doesn't need much more help than the application has been offering all along but those less fortunate in the attribute department could benefit with additional controls.

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